Awareness for Good

The Aagahi or Public Awareness raises public awareness in the wider community on certain issues and problems.

Feed The Hungry

Feed The Hungry is dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry in the most deprived areas of the society.

Educate for Free

Spread the light of Education to all those unfortunate ones who are unable to Lighten them up for certain reasons.

Our Mission

Insaniat Foundation is devoted to changing lives of the people by addressing the health and education sector of the society. Education is the most neglected area. Our country usually lacks behind since we have either lesser funds or these funds are wasted wrongfully.

The organization will make education related professional and technical short courses and training workshops available to the general public who can't afford to bear the expenses spent on these skill enhancing courses. These technical and professional training courses can change their lives and contribute towards earning an honorable living. In Pakistan, another major building block of the society is horrendously neglected which is the health sector. Common people don't have basic health facilities under their reach or either these facilities are expensive and costly. Insaniat Foundation seeks to prevent and treat childhood illness and disease, and address other issues related to children's health and well-being, including immunization and malnutrition.

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We have a number of projects that can interest you to put your share. We have a Taaleem project for Educating the unfortunates, a Ghiza project for the needy, an Aagahi project for awareness and certain other Social projects.


Renovated Schools in Rural Areas

Renovation not only improves the space for existing children to excel but also creates new classroom places attracting more children into school.

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Feeding Children in the Slum

The diets and nutritional status of urban slum children in Pakistan is far away from being satisfactory. The nutritional status of slum children is worst amongst all urban groups and is even poorer than the rural average.

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Make a Donation

Your donations can change a life today.

Medical Health

Relieve someone under the burden of a medical bill.

Food for the Poor

Be our hand in feeding the hungry.

Help & Love

Help someone stand on their feet by microfinancing.

Gift To The Needy

The least you can gift is your used things.


Volunteer your services or even your time.

Our Team

"You only live once but if you do it right, Once is enough."


Muhammad Shahrukh

Project Director

Muhammad Shahrukh is the Project Director at Insaniat. He has an expertise of over 12 years in Customer & Relationship Management as well as in the Human Resources procedures. Shahrukh has been a part of numerous workshops and training sessions on organizational ethics, personnel management, culture of excellence and workforce management.


Fareeha Rauf

HR Specialist

Fareeha Rauf is the HR Specialist at Insaniat. She has an expertise of over 7 years in Project Management as well as in the CRM. She has been a part of numerous workshops and training sessions on project management, relationship management, culture of excellence and diversity in workplace. She is responsible for all the operational and personnel procedures of Insaniat.


Maham Hasnat

Finance Specialist

Maham Hasnat is the Finance Specialist at Insaniat. She has an expertise of over 7 years in Finance & Client Relationship Management as well as in the Education Management. She has been a part of numerous workshops and training sessions on organizational ethics, clientele management and finance effectiveness. She is responsible for all the finance and accounting procedures at Insaniat.

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There are so many ways apart from monetary help to step up and support the cause of Insaniat. You can send your donations in the form of Books, School Accessories, Braille Books, Computer Systems, Hearing aids, Wheelchairs & Clothes.

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Now that you have decided to use social media as part of our advocacy efforts, the next step is to pick your online voices and be our spokesperson on any social media you fancy.

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We have many opportunities for volunteers. If you're interested or talented in a specific area, we most likely can use you! Insaniat is proud to work amongst various faiths and backgrounds.

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