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Our Mission

Insaniat Foundation is devoted to changing lives of the people by addressing the health and education sector of the society. Education is the most neglected area. Our country usually lacks behind since we have either lesser funds or these funds are wasted wrongfully. A big part of population is illiterate due to wrong planning. Under such circumstances our country has failed to excel in Science and Technology.

The organization will make education related professional and technical short courses and training workshops available to the general public who can't afford to bear the expenses spent on these skill enhancing courses. These technical and professional training courses can change their lives and contribute towards earning an honorable living. In Pakistan, another major building block of the society is horrendously neglected which is the health sector. Common people don't have basic health facilities under their reach or either these facilities are expensive and costly. Insaniat Foundation seeks to prevent and treat childhood illness and disease, and address other issues related to children's health and well-being, including immunization and malnutrition. Insaniat Foundation will be focusing primarily within the following areas and concerns:

1) Providing basic immunity vaccines and medicines to the people who are neglected and living below the poverty line.
2) Alleviating and addressing the root causes of epidemic diseases.
3) Prevention and treatment of childhood illness, disease, and other children's health and well-being concerns.



"You only live once but if you do it right, Once is enough."

Muhammad Hashaam is the Visionary Founder of Insaniat. He has more than 4 years of experience in the field of Education and management and 4 years experience of managing and coordinating functional activities of World's Largest Non-profit organization"Art of Living Foundation". Working there cultivated his inner desire to help people as he would like them to be. And Insaniat came into existence.

He has been involved in many Value Development, Team building and Relationship Development workshops conducted by Art of Living Foundation, Possibilities Consulting Pvt. Ltd, NUST Business School, BeaconHouse, Terra Data and various other Corporate and Social Organizations. Hashaam is a BCS-Hons graduate and an MBA specializing in Human Resources Management. Hashaam brings expertise in organizational Strategy and planning, personnel management, facilities management and public relations.

Our Team

M. Shahrukh "Project Director"

Muhammad Shahrukh is the Project Director at Insaniat. He has an expertise of over 12 years in Customer & Relationship Management as well as in the Human Resources procedures.
Shahrukh has been a part of numerous workshops and training sessions on organizational ethics, personnel management, culture of excellence and workforce management. Muhammad Shahrukh is a BCS Hons and completed his MBA and has also specialized in Human Resource Management procedures. He is also responsible for all the project management and funding procedures of Insaniat.

Fareeha Rauf "HR Specialist"

Fareeha Rauf is the HR Specialist at Insaniat. She has an expertise of over 6 years in Project Management as well as in the Client Relationship Management.
Fareeha has been a part of numerous workshops and training sessions on project management, relationship management, culture of excellence and diversity in workplace. Fareeha Rauf is an MCS graduate. She is responsible for all the operational and personnel procedures of Insaniat.

Maham Hasnat "Finance Specialist"

Maham Hasnat is the Finance Specialist at Insaniat. She has an expertise of over 7 years in Finance & Client Relationship Management as well as in the Education Management.
Maham has been a part of numerous workshops and training sessions on organizational ethics, clientele management and finance effectiveness. Maham Hasnat is a BE Software Engineering Hons graduate. She's also awarded with a few certifications in accounting management and finance. She is responsible for all the finance and accounting procedures at Insaniat.

Dr. Zubair Ahmed "Medical Specialist"

Dr. Zubair Ahmed is a Medical specialist by profession. Having worked with some renowned multinational and Social organizations has He graduated with a Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery from Khyber Medical College and later on pursued his FCPS-I and FRCS in Ophthalmology from UK.
Being a very dynamic individual, Dr. Zubair has been involved in various social welfare and extra-curricular activities throughout his educational and professional experience. He has worked with various multinational companies including Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis Pharma and Shaigan Pharmaceuticals. Besides these multinationals, he has also worked as an integral part with some social and community service organizations including Al-Khidmat Foundation, P.I.M.S Hospital Islamabad and Shifa International Hospital.

Ahsan Aslam "Project Manager CZECH"

Ahsan Aslam (MBA) is a Project Manager at Insaniat Foundation and based in Czech Republic. He has more than 15 years extensive experience of working in FMCG industry and Business Process Organizations in different known organizations of Pakistan, Germany and Czech Republic.
Ahsan holds the cutting edge cultural diversity management. He is a Business Professional and believes in free health, education for all and social up-lifting of the poor masses. He has been involved in relief work in Pakistan and abroad on personal level, who carries a vision of changing lives through small initiatives; he has been actively involved in fund raising activities from EU and indirect aid activities through his Pakistan team (Insaniat Foundation).