Become a Donor

Donate in a Project

We have a number of projects that can interest you to put your share. We have a Taaleem project for Educating the unfortunates, a Sehat project for the needy, an Aagahi project for awareness and certain other Social projects.

Donate Gifts

There are so many ways apart from monetary help to step up and support the cause of Insaniat. You can send your donations in the form of Books, School Accessories, Braille Books, Computer Systems, Hearing Aid, Wheelchair & Clothes.

Donate your Time

Donation can also be made in the form of time. If you are a Medical Graduate, a Technical Expert in Finance, I.T, Marketing, Media, Social Media or Human Resource or even a Student, you can contribute by participating in different projects or volunteer programs as per requirement at INSANIAT.
Donate your time by letting us know of your expertise and how you can contribute towards the betterment of Insaniat by contacting us.