SEHAT (Health)



According to UNESCO, over 780 million adults in the world are illiterate. On average, nearly one in three children does not complete five years of primary education, the minimum required for acquiring basic literacy. UNESCO reports that one of every five people over the age of 15 is illiterate, 64% of the world's illiterate are women, and nearly 60% of the estimated 113 million children who do not attend primary school worldwide are girls. UNICEF states, "Education, especially for girls and mothers, will save children's lives."

Education is the most neglected area in Pakistan too. Our country usually lacks behind since we have either lesser funds or these funds are wasted wrongfully. A big part of population is illiterate due to wrong planning. Under such circumstances Insaniat Foundation aims to play its part in spreading the light of Education to all those unfortunate ones who are unable to Lighten them up for certain reasons.

Our programs for Taaleem consists of the following